Jamie Brackman

Jamie Brackman is an indie singer-songwriter with roots in Folk, Rock, Americana and the Blues. Brackman’s music creates a unique and transcendent atmosphere of reflection and healing with his raw and soulful voice, dynamic instrumentation, and cutting lyrics. His songs touch on prescient social issues, the relativity of space-time, and the search for love and meaning in the face of tragedy and self-doubt. Whether performing as a solo artist or with a full band, his sound captures listeners attention with an intensity and passion which drives home.

Brackman’s first full-length studio album, “Something Out of Nothing” is currently under production. He currently performs with Grand Rapids based Amy Love and The Stoney Mountain Men and can be found collaborating on a number of musical projects as a bassist, vocalist, songwriter, and producer.

Jamie self-produced his first single “Killing Time” in 2018. Brackman has been playing music since age 12 and has performed around the US both as a solo performer and in a variety of musical groups. He previously performed in the West Virginia based folk duo “Jamie & Jamie,” an acoustic improv group “The Restless Natives,” the indie-rock band “The Hunger Cave,” and the hard-rock band “Heading Out.”You can find more info on Brackman’s various music collaborations and other creative pursuits at Stoney Mountain Studios.



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