Killing Time

Killing Time is my first self-produced single and the title track for my first album which is currently under production.

Track Listing

  1. Beginning of the End
  2. Killing Time
  3. Don’t Stay / Don’t Go
  4. Machines
  5. Something Out of Nothing
  6. I Knew What I Was Getting Into
  7. How Am I Supposed to Know
  8. Little Bit of Love
  9. I’ll Be There
  10. Dead Man Walking
  11. Outplay the Devil
  12. Weary Anymore

This project has been inspired by my faith and meditation on the fundamental nature of reality. That which transcends time is that which is eternal. In Christ we are all eternal and to know the Creator is to have eternal life. God is Love, and Love is that which transcends space, time, and death. We have allowed ourselves to be enslaved to discrete measurements of time, as though those numerical values were more real than our experience of living. Life itself corresponds only superficially to our measurement and observation of it. These songs are my reflection on these truths as they have manifested themselves to me through triumph, loss, heartbreak, and hope.